William O. Baker


[October 2, 2003]





Honor Scroll


American Institute of Chemists

"In appreciation for his unselfish contributions to chemistry and to the chemical profession. Over and beyond his considerable responsibilities within the great organization with which lie is directly associated, Dr. Baker continues willingly to participate with distinction in Community, University. State, National and Professional Society activities. The intellectual quality which he contributes to these endeavors is an honor to all chemists."

Perkin Research Medal


Society of Chemical Industry

"For Distinguished Service to Applied Chemistry"

Joseph Priestly Medal


American Chemical Society

"For distinguished service to chemistry."

Edgar Marburg Award


"Scientist, engineer, leader in exploring the structure of matter; imaginative innovator in synthesizing materials to meet new challenges, generous contributor to the national welfare."

The ASTM Award to Executives for 1967


American Society for Testing and Materials

"Distinguished scientist, engineer, and executive; notable contributor to knowledge of the structure of matter; staunch supporter of the technical activities of the society, for exceptional personal stimulation, encouragement, and support through the years to the many members of the Bell Telephone Laboratories participating in the technical and administrative activities of the American Society for Testing and Materials."

Industrial Research Institute Medal


Industrial Research Institute

"... for his vision and skill in the leadership of an outstanding industrial scientific laboratory; for his originality and effectiveness in developing new concepts and materials important to the communications industry; for his vital contributions to national science policies and in the provision of wise counsel in the affairs of education, government, and technical societies."

The Frederick Philips Award


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

"For leadership of an industrial laboratory where pioneering research was used to create a wide spectrum of new technology throughout the tele communication industry."

Proctor Prize


Sigma Xi

IR man of the year


Industrial Research Magazine

Gold Medal


American Institute of Chemists

James Madison Medal


Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni

"Scientist, business executive, statesman and distinguished pioneer in the application of modern science for the welfare of humanity."

Mellon Institute Award


Carnegie-Mellon University

The Charles Lathrop Parsons Award


American Chemical Society

"For his continued recognition of the role of science and technology in advancing the well-being of our nation; For his unstinting willingness to serve the nation in the formulation of national and international policy; For his interfacing of the physical sciences with pressing social needs in medicine, in commerce, and in defense; For his dedication and contributions to higher education in the State of New Jersey and in the nation; For his inspired guidance and insight in the affairs of Federal institutions; and For demonstrating so clearly the advances possible through individual effort and talent dedicated and directed to the public well-being."

Award for Distinguished Contributions


Society of Research Administrators

The Delmer S. Fahrney Medal


The Franklin Institute

"In consideration of his outstanding and inspiring leadership in research resulting in important technology for the telecommunications industry."

The J. Willard Gibbs Medal


American Chemical Society

The von Hippel Award


Materials Research Society

"... a pioneer in the conceptual & administrative development of interdisciplinary materials research."

New Jersey Science/Technology Medal


State of New Jersey

Madison Marshall Award


North Alabama Section Ð American Chemical Society

Jefferson Medal


New Jersey Patent Law Association

David Sarnoff Award


Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

"In recognition of your superior dedication to the advancement of science and technology and your lasting contributions which have benefited mankind and the security of the United States and the Free world."

Vannevar Bush Award


National Science Board of National Science Foundation

"William Oliver Baker, leader of one of the world's most farsighted industrial laboratories, has generously donated his exceptional talents to countless public institutions, great and small. Always shunning the limelight he has become the oracle of American science, sharing his idealism and practical wisdom with presidents and scientists in public service with equal sincerity."

National Security Medal


President of the United States

"Dr. William Oliver Baker has a unique record of achievement in the service of his country over a span of more than four decades. As a leading scientist and intelligence expert, he has been responsible for innovations and advances which have contributed to the national security of the United States. Dr. BakerÕs work in the field of chemistry enable him to develop materials and techniques which have direct application in the areas of communication, rocket propellants, missiles, and manned space flights and unmanned satellites. Dr. Baker is the only individual who has served continuously on the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under six Presidents. In this regard, his genius and selfless contributions have been responsible for innumerable advances in intelligence, data processing, and information management. Dr. Baker devoted his life to serving his country. His contributions not only underscore the role and importance which science and intelligence play in the preservation of our national security, but also serve to exemplify the caliber of men who are willing to let their work and deeds serve as a reflection of their patriotic ideals."

SASA Medal of Achievement

(first recipient)

Henceforth designated as the William Oliver Baker Award


Security Affairs Support Association

"... extraordinary services and exceptional accomplishments in the support of the national intelligence endeavor. A staunch and vocal advocate of a strong U.S. intelligence enterprise, he has become one of its most valued architects. Few can match his record of distinguished service to our nation and his enduring contributions to our national security."

Arthur M. Bueche Award


National Academy of Engineering

"... for a lifetime of visionary and dedicated service in the advancement of technology, for inspiring leadership in engineering research and education, and for wisdom and guidance to government and industry."

National Materials Advancement Award


Federation of Materials Societies

Thomas Alva Edison Medal for Science


State of New Jersey

National Medal of Science


President of the United States

Distinguished Service Award


National Association of Governing Boards

Philip Hauge Abelson Prize


American Association for the Advancement of Science

David Rockefeller Award for Extraordinary Service


Rockefeller University

Acknowledging "... unswerving enthusiasm for its scientists and a deep concern for the progress of their research; selfless dedication to further the university's mission and strengthening the institution; and an unstinting effort to enlist others to join in supporting biomedical science for the benefit of humankind."

New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame Induction


New Jersey Inventors Congress and Hall of Fame

Benjamin Franklin Medal


American Philosophical Society

"In recognition of a Iifetime commitment to science and public service. His research has explored the complex relationship between molecular structure and physical properties of polymers. As director of research and development and as President of Bell Laboratories he inspired the research of countless scientists who became achievers of the highest merit. Deeply concerned with education, he has served with distinction on several state and national commissions, and contributed his wisdom to the field of philanthropy. As scientific advisor to a succession of Presidents of the United States, he has served his nation to an unparalleled degree."

Award Plaque Listing and

Founding Plaque Listing


National Reconnaissance Office

For being "... instrumental in shaping the course of signals intelligence, communications, and encryption/decryption technology."

Lifetime Achievement Award


National Inventors Hall of Fame

Lifetime Achievement Award


Marconi International Fellowship Foundation


Washington College, Sc. D. (hon.) 1957

Stevens Institute of Technology, D. Eng. (hon.) 1962

Georgetown University, D. Eng. (hon.) 1962

University of Pittsburgh, D. Sc. (hon.) 1963

Seton Hall University, D. Sc. (hon.) 1965

University of Glasgow, LL. D. (hon.) 1965

University of Akron, D. Sc. (hon.) 1968

University of Michigan, D. Sc. (hon.) 1970

Saint Peter’s College, D. Sc. (hon.) 1972

Monmouth College, LHD. (hon.) 1973

Polytechnic Institute of New York, D. Sc. (hon.) 1973

University of Pennsylvania, LL. D. (hon.) 1974

Clarkson College of Technology, LHD. (hon.) 1974

Trinity College (Dublin), D. Sc. (hon.) 1975

Kean College of New Jersey, LL. D. (hon.) 1976

Northwestern University, D. Sc. (hon.) 1976

University of Notre Dame, D. Sc. (hon.) 1978

New Jersey Institute of Technology, D. Eng. (hon.) 1978

Lehigh University, LL. D. (hon.) 1980

Drew University, LL. D. (hon.) 1983

Tufts University, Sc. D. (hon.) 1981

New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry, Sc. D. (hon.) 1981

Clark University, Sc. D. (hon.) 1983

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Sc. D. (hon.) 1982

Rockefeller University, Sc. D. (hon.) 1990

Princeton University, LL. D. (hon.) 1993

Rutgers University, Sc. D. (hon.) 1995






Harvard University Fellow


Harvard University

Procter Fellow


Princeton University



National Academy of Sciences

Institute of Medicine Council


National Institute of Medicine



National Academy of Engineering

Honorary Member


Chemists Club


Franklin Institute

Honorary Life Member


New York Academy of Sciences


American Physics Society


American Institute of Chemists



American Academy of Arts and Sciences


Chemists of New York


Sigma Xi [scientific research honor society]


Phi Lambda Upsilon [national honor society for pure and applied chemistry]


Omicron Delta Kappa [national honor society for leadership, scholarship, and exemplary character]